About Us

Canopy Farms Landscaping is owned and operated by Marie Paxton. Marie’s horticultural passion started with working at a local garden centre in Stratford Ontario. This led Marie to New Zealand to study and work for a year on a fruit orchard. She then enrolled and graduated from a horticulture program through the University of Guelph.

During her studies Marie started her own landscape company and has been in business since 2004 working mostly in Stratford and the surrounding area.

In 2013, Marie took a year to study and work under a Registered Landscape Architect. Acacia Landscape is an award winning full service landscape company in Victoria BC. Victoria is also considered to be the horticultural mecca of Canada. This experience was a very important part in the development of her career as a designer.

Marie takes any opportunity to spend time in nature. This is where she finds the inspiration for what she loves to do. As a member of Landscape Ontario, Marie also continues to educate and better her skills through courses offered in the off season.